If you have recently gone through any major changes this blog can help you understand what you need to do for your taxes and how it can change the outcome.


How Can You Maximize Your After-Tax Income?

10 June 2015
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If you're like most Americans, you're always looking for ways to hand over less of your hard-earned income to Uncle Sam each April. Although contributing to pre-tax retirement accounts and college savings accounts can save you money, one of the quickest and simplest ways to increase your post-tax income is to take advantage of deductions that are taken from your paycheck before FICA taxes are withheld. These taxes fund programs like Medicare and Social Security Disability and retirement benefits, and can take a hefty chunk of your paycheck -- 7.
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Tax Return Tips: The One Path To Reducing A Frivolous Filing Fine

9 June 2015
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Those who file a federal income tax return and make the claim they owe no tax based a very frivolous claim could find themselves in a lot of trouble. Several categories of protest are commonly used by filers in an attempt to evade paying tax. Citing any one of these categories while filing a blank or "zero tax due" return automatically leads to the submission being deemed a frivolous filing. Once a tax return has been judged a frivolous, you could be hit with a significant penalty.
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Last year, I went through several changes in my life that changed a lot of things on my taxes. I got married in January, bought a house in February and had a baby in November, so there were a lot of changes that I wasn't sure how to handle. I decided that this was the year to work with a professional tax preparer to ensure I was going to get as much of a refund as possible. If you have recently gone through any, or all of these changes, my blog can help you understand what you need to do for your taxes and how it can change the outcome.